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Here's the old news: crappytesttalk is down for good due to botspam overfilling my db quota for the shared hosting. Byethost confirmed for unserious fraud company. Whoreos 5.8 years
And, missed our birthday by one month. inb4 child services. Whoreos 6.6 years
Wow. Missed our birthday by 2 months. *shrug* Whoreos 7.5 years
Congratulations Cardinals, good fight Rangers. Whoreos 8.1 years
we apologize for the bad redirects. the site url was missing the trailing slash in the config -_-; Whoreos 8.1 years
Yay, we're back on a proper host! Thanks to SeanieB for helping me move stuff.
If you weren't a bot or lurker, your ID should still work. For now I'll leave the old site up if anyone wants to download their ID card and restore it here; setting a memorable password there will do nothing, the db has already been moved.
Whoreos 8.5 years
Information on IP address
This IP address (no valid host name) is associated with 84 IDs and has been used to post 0 existing topics and 0 existing replies.
Fucking shitlisted.
Whoreos 8.6 years
Oh, shit. I missed our birthday by 5 days! T_T Whoreos 8.7 years
Some bot created 236 UIDs, but only used 1 of them to quote spam. Fail. Whoreos 8.9 years
Timecode on /new_bulletins is still being cross-contaminated. Damn. Whoreos 9.1 years
Well, we\'re back, sort of. inb4 crawlers.
Go die in a fire, magic quotes. You\'re supposed to be off by default.
Whoreos 9.2 years
Well, unsurprisingly I've apparently been labeling my releases with an improper version order [P].
Mine: Beta>Alpha>Stable
Real: Alpha>Beta>Release candidate>General availability
This shouldn't affect anybody, since Seanie was the only one who had a copy of 1.6 "alpha", and he deleted it, but THE MORE YOU KNOW...
Whoreos 9.3 years
Topics are currently returning a false error, making troubleshooting much more difficult than usual.
fix'd, though I don't know what the problem was...
Whoreos 9.5 years
Note to self: change page generation time variable to $_start_time to prevent cross-contamination on bulletins and events pages. Whoreos 9.5 years
So, I was messing around with topics.php yesterday, trying to fix the post number alignment problem.
In the process, I must have messed up some unrelated code, because posts with citations no longer link properly. Sorry about that. I'm working on fixing it.
Whoreos 9.5 years
Busy with finals right now, which is why haven't been working on the code or posting (pretty much anywhere) for the last few days. Whoreos 9.6 years
The bulletins addon has been upgraded, be sure to go get it from the repository. Whoreos 9.6 years
Sorry guys, I made a botched/incomplete edit to topic.php, so topics aren't viewable at the moment. Will fix when I get somewhere with open ports.
And now it's fixed.
Whoreos 9.6 years
Well, I discovered some sort of error that prevents threads from loading. Take Note: this is not a security vulnerability. The database has not been compromised. As you can see [P], the posts are still there. It seems to be related to the 10th topic GET. Whoreos 9.7 years
;jkn;jkln;kjn ? 9.7 years
official IRC channel: Whoreos 9.7 years
dev.beta appeares to be under attack
also, database hacking: when the code just isn't there yet.
Whoreos 9.7 years
SUCCESS! Bulletins are fully functional! Whoreos 9.7 years
testing.... Whoreos 9.7 years
We have bulletins!
Addon package has also been updated.
Whoreos 9.7 years

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