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Topic: Do you have any CSS's I could use?

grey started this discussion 9.6 years ago #10     

I just need a change from the default crap. Maybe something like 4chan's Yotsuba-B style?

Whoreos joined in and replied with this 9.6 years ago, 1 hour later#39     

I just finished a Yotsuba style, I could make a Yotsuba B too.
You could also take a look at our Style Repository [P]

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Whoreos double-posted this 9.6 years ago, 4 days later, 4 days after the original post#44     

Alright, now that that's taken care of, this thread is about the ATBBS css files.

Currently, all boards (except tiny4chan) have alignment issues with post numbers. They should appear at the far right of the post header.
Some stylesheets align the number at the far right, but it hangs down halfway below the header, which looks sloppy. This also causes the header to extend beyond the edge of the post box, which adds to the sloppiness even more.
Others have the post header and boxes properly aligned at the right edge, but the post number is tacked onto the end of the post time. This is a little cleaner looking, but somewhat confusing.

Additionally, the css classes used in ATBBS are somewhat confusing and non-descript, making custom stylesheets a pain to create. Personally, I alt+tab roughly 5 times for every change I make. The classes in the TC 1.0 stylesheets are very easy to figure out, and it would be much easier to create stylesheets for ATBBS if the classes didn't have to be visually identified in a browser before editing.

tl;dr, If anyone knows what the classes refer to on the php side of things, I'd like to make the values more easily identifiable. Also, I'd like to make the post header have a (separate) highlighted value from the regular header.

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