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Topic: question.

Omen started this discussion 6.5 years ago #120     

How do you put your name in when there is no name field?
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Whoreos joined in and replied with this 6.5 years ago, 1 week later#226     

You tell me what name you want to assign to your ID, and I make some magic happen.
Also, this is a good omen?

Omen (OP) replied with this 6.4 years ago, 1 week later, 2 weeks after the original post#230     

Gee, that's a tough one but I think I'll go with Omen.

This is a very good omen.

Omen (OP) double-posted this 6.4 years ago, 56 seconds later, 2 weeks after the original post#231     

Oops, dbl post.

(Edited 1 minute later.)

Whoreos replied with this 6.4 years ago, 3 weeks later, 1 month after the original post#232     

Oops. I suppose I should take care of that for you lol.

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