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Topic: I beg your pardon?

Whoreos started this discussion 9.6 years ago #13     

Harbinger!AVm2EeZO3s (OP) replied with this 1 day ago, 4 minutes later, 2 weeks after the original post [P]
> The point of keeping LiteralKa and master seperate is to have one version for the whiny faggots that don't like the "social networking" crap, and another version with. Once ADODB is stable, it'll move into master and master will move to Vanilla.

So, now I'm a whiny faggot for wanting to make coding less intimidating for the average user.
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Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 9.6 years ago, 4 days later#47     

Whats the difference between regular ATBBS and Vanilla ATBBS?
And whats ADODB?

Whoreos (OP) replied with this 9.6 years ago, 49 minutes later, 4 days after the original post#48     

Regular and Vanilla are just 2 names for the same thing. Vanilla was just a "catchy" name for it, coined by Jan.
ADODB is some sort of database backend that is supposed to, well:
> and the newest iteration (seen in the ADODB branch) is making it even lighter and faster.
Now, if we look at the contents of the 2 builds, the ADODB [P] version is 3.9MB uncompressed (1/2 of which is ADODB itself), while LK 1.6b [P<>] is 494KB uncompressed (2/5 of which is stylesheet dependencies which are being removed for the stable version).

Which sounds lighter and faster to you?

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Anonymous B replied with this 9.6 years ago, 15 minutes later, 4 days after the original post#50     

Ok so Vanilla= regular ATBBS. Ok got it.

And Vanilla, obviously. How exactly is it supposed to more lightweight?

Finlandia joined in and replied with this 9.5 years ago, 1 week later, 1 week after the original post#64     

Kimmo är en fett pedofil neger. God för han.

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