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Topic: ITT: CSS

Whoreos started this discussion 9.5 years ago #22     

Things are coming along nicely, but there are still some things that need to be done before 1.6src One of the main things is css. Some styles have different characteristics, and we need to mix them down into one standard template that can be easily edited.
For this reason, I am making a table showing the characteristics of each style: //css
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sim joined in and replied with this 9.5 years ago, 11 hours later#97     

I found a little error in the internal links thingy.

You need to change:

Because now, if I link something and continue typing it will be included in the href tag:

Linking to the first topic /1 on this board.

Oh lol, it works fine here, well for vanilla I had to add the question mark to fix it. Oh well!

You can disregard this post.

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Whoreos (OP) replied with this 9.5 years ago, 6 hours later, 17 hours after the original post#98     

also, if you wanted to link to the first topic, it would be //topic.php?id=1

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Whoreos (OP) double-posted this 9.5 years ago, 1 hour later, 18 hours after the original post#99     

Note: Facebook and 789 selected posts are hard to read. Markup on Facebook is also the same. Facebook smashes tables onto the left side of the screen. Strawberry needs a new name, hot pink doesn't resemble strawberries at all.
Also, inb4 100th post and db meltdown.

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Whoreos (OP) triple-posted this 9.4 years ago, 4 weeks later, 4 weeks after the original post#136     

Feel Free To Submit your own css in here as well.

And to make sure it supports all the proper markup, just save this page and edit the css file in the page folder:

1 header

2 [P]
3 link [P]
4 /rep
> 5 quote
6 bold
7 italic
8 underline
9 strikethrough
10 spoilers
11 Red Text
12 Blue Text
13 Green Text
14 bordered text (not supported by all stylesheets)

Traditional markup:

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