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Topic: Atbbs 1.5 differences.

grey started this discussion 9.5 years ago #24     

Hey Whoreos, What are the differences between the fork of atbbs on your site
or the one on this one: [P]

They both say 'stable' but how stable are they? What features does each one have that the other does not? Does one run slower than the other?
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Whoreos joined in and replied with this 9.5 years ago, 23 hours later#101     

Well, first off, Harbinger isn't interested in developing 1.5 since he has his own ADODB brainchild to direct his attention toward.
Secondly, He seems to have gotten his 1.5 source from some dead website that the owner gave up on, since some of the files contain hard links to the site it was dev'd on.
And thirdly, nobody has actually tested the code he has to see if it even works.

On the other hand, I'm actively dedicated to developing the LK branch. I am aware of the problems with my current version, and we're working on fixing them. We're also updating the available addons with better functionality.

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